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The Solamar Clubhouse is open for all residents' use. There is a kitchen/dining area with an oven, refrigerator, kitchen sink and cabinets. You can dine in comfort at 3 wood tables with comfortable dining chairs.

A living area has a big screen TV and DVD player and a 'library' of books for your enjoyment. Please feel free to borrow or lend books to this library.

There is also an exercise room with 2 treadmills, an elliptical machine, 2 recumbent bicycles and free-standing weights. Please remember to wipe off equipment, shut windows, turn off fans and TV after use. Be considerate of others who are waiting to use equipment.

You will need to use your common key to enter the Clubhouse. Please remember to lock the doors when you leave.

The standard temperature in the Clubhouse is 77 degrees. Please return the thermostat to this temperature when leaving.

Residents may reserve the Clubhouse (kitchen/dining/living area) for occasional private use as long as the use does not conflict with Solamar functions. Submit form to Gateway and post on the Bulletin Board in the kitchen.

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